As America’s leading litigation publisher, we hear a lot of great trial stories. After all, we publish the best trial lawyers in the country—including more Inner Circle of Advocate members than all of the other legal publishing companies combined. But when we heard about one of Nick Rowley’s recent trials, we had a hard time believing it. Then we received the pictures.

But first, a bit of background about why we think this story helps our customers think outside the box to do a better job for their clients.

“The Golden Rule” prevents most of us from asking jurors to put themselves in our client’s shoes. So how do we get decision-makers to understand our client’s true losses? The problem may not be due to the Golden Rule’s limitations, but instead with the limitations we place on ourselves when trying cases. The better question may be: How can we, as lawyers, understand our client’s losses so well that we can provide a very real presentation of their story that ignites a juror to appropriately compensate our client for their losses?

We wanted to share a remarkable story about the methods used by Trial Guides author Nick Rowley to step into his client’s shoes in a recent trial that made national headlines. The story shows how Nick is willing to try cases in a way that, while unconventional, is key to helping jurors identify with the plaintiff without Nick ever asking it of them. We believe it is Nick’s innovative methods, as discussed in his book and videos, that have resulted in his string of stunning verdicts.

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