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Award Winning National Trial Lawyer with record setting verdicts and settlements and billions of dollars in victories for real people and their families.  Nick is a published author, national speaker, founder of Trial By Human, and dedicates his time and resources to protecting and advancing our justice systems in America.

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Born and raised in Iowa, having served in both the United States Air Force and Army as a medic, and having practiced law as a Trial Lawyer for 20 years, Nick has committed himself to helping make the world a better place.  His work extends beyond the law and his countless record setting jury verdicts and billions of dollars in victories for his clients through the books he has written, his dedication to teaching lawyers across the country, and his philanthropical work in the USA and third world countries.  Nick has spent years as an influencer and political organizer committing himself and his resources to fight large corporations and the insurance industry from taking away the civil rights of working people and families.


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Nick has the experience of close to 200 jury trials and is known as one of the best trial lawyers in America.


Nick has won billions for his clients and their families. 


The human beings Nick represents become his friends, and often extended family.  He gives his cell number to every client and is available to them 24/7.   



Bellweather Case Settlement Against Toyota

Nick was lead trial lawyer in the bellweather case against Toyota for unintended acceleration.



For the victim of a car accident in which the driver was over-served at a restaurant/bar.



Nick represented a family after their daughter developed cerebral palsy after a negligent delivery.



Nick represented a family whose loved one was stabbed to death at a TGI Friday’s restaurant in 2009.

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Nation State of Play Podcast Featuring Nicholas Rowley

Is a child’s life worth more than $250,000, if negligently killed by Medical Malpractice.  The answer is no!  Not since 1975 in the State of California.  @JuryTrialLawyer Nicholas Rowley, has been featured on the Nation State and Play podcast to discuss the most regressive restriction on the Civil Rights of Health Care Patients in American history.  MICRA is a one-size-fits-all $250,000 cap on Quality of Life and Wrongful Death Damages suffered by victims of Medical Malpractice, which just so happens to be the 3rd leading cause of death in America.

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