The Los Angeles based personal injury law firm Carpenter, Zuckerman, & Rowley (CZR) announces a $45 million settlement in a disputed liability car accident case against an insurance company.  The case was handled by CZR Trial Lawyer Nick Rowley as well as attorney and partner Robert Ounjian and special projects director Steve Glass.

The case involved a disputed liability car accident in which CZR represented a 21-year old mother and her two children, ages 2 and 4, who were involved in a rear-end collision in San Bernardino County.    Liability in the case was disputed because their vehicle was stopped on Haven Avenue, in an area nearby Ontario Airport, where vehicles are not permitted to stop.

The defendant claimed he swerved to try and avoid the collision, but could not stop in time.  The police report listed both drivers at fault.  The accident resulted in serious injuries to the 4 year old child.

“Many law firms would take on a case like this, and settle it for maybe $250,000 or $500,000 and remain within the insurance policy limits and avoid trial,” said Nick Rowley, lead trial lawyer on the case.  “At CZR, we are trail lawyers seeking justice for our clients and are not afraid to take a case all the way to trial.”

“When a client is seriously injured, has life-long medical expenses, and their life is changed forever, insurance companies should award those individuals fair compensation.  That is what we saw in this case, where the insurance company finally stepped up and did the right thing for our client and her children,” Rowley went on to say.